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Family Of Faith Ministries

     We  Are   A              Family  OF  Faith!!     

Prophetess Sujata Dukes, Co-Founder and Co-Pastor of Family Of Faith Ministries (FOFM), in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is a native of Columbia, South Carolina, and wife of Exzabia Dukes. Prophetess Dukes gave her life to the Lord in 1996 and several years later accepted her calling into the ministry under the direction, guidance, and leadership, of her spiritual parents Apostle Harold and Prophetess Gwen Browning of Faith Missions Ministries, Inc., and founders of the Global Network of Christian Churches (GNCC). Ordained as a Prophetess in 2006, Prophetess Dukes is dedicated to her calling by truly walking in the prophetic anointing. Through her humbleness of being a faithful servant and serving others, Prophetess Dukes has served in many areas of ministry such as: hospitality, marriage ministry, women’s ministry, outreach ministry, school of the prophet, armor-bearer, youth department, etc.  She has also been appointed as an Assistant Co-Pastor of Faith Overcomes Ministries, Inc., under the leadership of Bishop Oranize and Prophetess Barbara Simmons.  Prophetess Dukes heart’s desire is to see the people of God grow in their God-given calling and live a total lifestyle of faith. 

As a military spouse for 22 years, Prophetess Dukes made time to go back to school and further her education, while being a fulltime mother of three (Exzabia, Destiny, Imani). Prophetess Dukes holds an Associate Degree in Child Development, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education (graduating Magna Cum Laude) and a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Management.  Prophetess Dukes is anointed, passionate, and demonstrates true Godly love towards our youth.  Children to her are a special nugget, not only to the Body of Christ, but also to the world.  She focuses on their developmental growth by pushing, encouraging, and revealing that very important gift that God has deposit within.  Above all her accomplishments, Prophetess Dukes considers supporting her husband and raising Godly children to be priority to her life, next to serving God.  Prophetess Dukes firmly believes in order to raise a successful family, ministry has to first start at home.

    Family Of Faith Ministries
    414 North Front Street
      Murfreesboro, TN 37130